Welcome to the REEF sea food community! It is the first restaurant of the contemporary fish art in Ukraine. These components create the tone of the establishment: an open kitchen, a RAW-bar with fresh fish and well- chosen wine list. The REEF concept does not stipulate for freezing fish — delivery of seafood will be in order from the south and north Atlantic coasts once a week.

And the luxurious menu which is elaborated by chef Alexander Yourz in cooperation with the Michelin's corporate chef Nicola Batavia will touch the feelings even of the most fastidious gourmet. We give you a possibility to enjoy the fish plates of the highest quality and seafood from across the world. The REEF. The best fish restaurant of Ukraine. The best by impressions. The best by food.


Reef chef

The heart of our restaurant is its kitchen; it is the place where the best ingredients are turning into the dainty dishes under the chief's gold hands.
Kitchen in a restaurant run by famous chef Alexander Korol, number7 in the list of the best chefs in Ukraine ("Focus")

The REEF's menu is elaborated by Alexander in cooperation with the Michelin's corporate chef Nicola Batavia. In which you will find the ideal combinations of the different fish species and seafood and you will open incomparable gastronomic combinations.


Lunch menu

Lunch time at REEF – one more reason to treat yourself to some fine food in working hours. If you have time to switch off a little during business lunch […]



We are doing everything to leave only incredible impressions from visiting our restaurant. We put our souls, experience and zeal into having found the best seafood from across the world […]



Kyiv, Shota Rustaveli St, 16a
Phone 044 228 18 17
[email protected]

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